Guidelines - Need Support?

Help us to help you.

While we offer support for people who have difficulty working with StoryDev or any underlying systems or APIs, simple one-liners like “I need help” unfortunately is not constructive enough and doesn’t provide enough information.

If you are unsure how to organise your question, consider the following:

  • If you are working with the editor, and you come across an Exception, this is likely an issue in the underlying code. Try providing an example of how it happened. Copy and paste the Exception text into your topic. It doesn’t matter how long it is, it may help us figure out the issue faster.
  • If you are working with StoryScript or trying to implement it into your game, and you are not sure how, first try working with the README provided on GitHub. If you are still stuck and need support, try to provide code if you can, or if not, provide as much of an example as possible.

Other organisational tips that may apply can include:

  • What did you do before the problem occurred?
  • How can the issue be reproduced?
  • Do you have any information to hand when the problem occurred, such as error information?
  • Do you believe there are any ways around the issue?

We will help you the best we can with what information you provide.