Main Website seems a little off on mobile

Hi there,

It’s a bit silly, I know, but when viewing the main StoryDev website on mobile devices, it’s a bit too off. There’s a lot of overlapping text at the top and, not sure if it’s my device playing up or not, there seems to be a graphic glitch when scrolling down, but is fine when I reach the bottom… Not sure why…

Oh, and the feature section looks a bit weird as well…

By the way, saw StoryDev on GitHub and thought I’d come and say hi.

Good news on getting a community going. A few minor problems with SD but having a blast testing it out!

Hi Alineed,

I’m not sure about that graphical glitch myself. It’s a little unusual.

I have fixed most of the glaringly obvious issues like the overlapping text and making it a little more mobile-friendly. Thanks for mentioning it, though, I was aware of the issues.

And thank you for the feedback on StoryDev! Glad you’re enjoying it. Any issues, please submit to the Support section.

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