The StoryDev Roadmap

Like with all software operating in a Beta phase, StoryDev also has plans and features expected to reach the editor. With that in mind, please indulge yourself into the magnificence of this feature list:

  • Scripting Interface
  • Custom Data Modules
  • Scene Editor
  • Basic Animator
  • Full Script Debugging Support
  • State Recording
  • Simulation Engine Completion
  • More Map Options
  • Expanding the StoryDev Engine
  • Project Management and Resource Packing
  • Database Versioning

Let’s discuss some of the features above we are currently working on.

Scripting Interface

The scripting interface is simply a place to create scripts, but some of it has certain qualities. For example, Data Modules is a specific client-side scripting mechanism that allows you to build your own custom Data Modules - which we are also working on.

In addition, we also have the folders “Scripts” and “Events”. “Scripts” is effectively the place where all custom scripts for your game is held, while “Events” is specific to handling certain Game Events. You will find in the source code of StoryDev the enumeration and static readonly value defining the list of strings that associate with each respective Game Event. This is where this will come handy, but it has not been implemented yet.

More on this later.

Custom Data Modules

Here is a ridiculous looking layout of a grid demonstrating how it is possible to design forms with Custom Data Modules, which will eventually be complete with database relationships, a variety of fields and code customisation.

As these features evolve, we will post these updates on our main website and demonstrate our progress here as well.

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